Existing difficulties in the cryptocurrency market will be overcome by the community. We believe that a quality environment created by the community, with an optimal and completely transparent operating model will be an ideal destination for users.
A2zpad 's technology allows to deploy Pools with the lowest possible cost and create Pools with high liquidity. There will be no limit on the starting price or token/USDT ratio offered.
A2zpad is both a DEX and a place where new projects launch. This is like an incubator for potential new projects.
Building a membership system with a fee-sharing mechanism is the economic model of A2zpad. Reducing transaction costs, being allocated when IDO, receiving project airdrops are benefits included in the governance activities for members holding A2Z tokens.

We are currently supporting the following wallets:
Binance Chain Wallet
Phantom Wallet
C98 Wallet
KardiaChain Wallet

To start trading on A2zpad , visit A2zpad .io page and select tokens, the amount you want to swap. Details at: A2zpad .io

Low Fees
A2zpad on MultiChain

A2z token holders.

A2zpad is not a registered company. We are a collection of token holders who agree to be governed by a set of smart contracts on the blockchain.

We are inviting the community to collaborate: be a community member, contributor, partner, token holder.
Community Members: Non-token holders can participate in our forum and social media, and share ideas. Good ideas may be adopted by A2Z token holders. Community leaders may be provided with delegated votes.
Contributors: Individuals or teams that can help develop A2zpad protocols, or work to arrange due diligence and token swaps with other projects, and request grants from A2zpad .
Partners: We welcome any DeFi or CeFi project that can contribute to A2zpad , or are willing to look for ways for our protocols to work together.
Token Holders: A2Z token holders can propose and vote on the direction of A2zpad and the use of A2zpad treasury assets.
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